Modern facilities

We manufacture according to your designs & specifications, which results in finished producs at highest quality, lower prices & large capacity.

What we do?

We can manufacture eco-friendly products according to your designs & specifications. It can be referred to as “OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We are also capable of designing your products.

With our extensive manufacturing facility, profound manufacturing expertise together with a skillful workforce, we can manufacture eco-friendly products at large capacity, highest quality & competitive prices.

Why us?

Factory information Ana Home
Location: Tan Tien, Chuong My, Hanoi
Capacity: 10×40′ HC
Total area: 5000 m2
Main products: Eco-friendly products made from natural materials: seagrass, water hyacinth, bamboo, rattan, jute, palm leaf, etc.

Skillful workforce

We select and work with the most experienced workers & artisans. Highly skilled and conscious of eco-friendly products values, they are capable of turning your designs into actual beautiful & inspiring products. Their working conditions & salary can be guaranteed.

In-depth manufacturing expertise

With in-depth manufacturing knowledge & expertise, our production team can provide necessary guidance for workers & artisans, manage the production in a timely & efficient way to ensure you receive finished products on time and at highest quality.

Lower prices & shorter lead time

By applying new technologies and continuously innovating our process, we are gradually cutting down the cost. Innovation also helps us operate in a more and more efficient way and reduces production time. Therefore, we are confident that we can help you achieve your project goals at lower prices & shortened time.

Our manufacturing process

In this stage, we collect all project information & requirements. We take time to analyze their projects and discuss in details with customers about product designs, specifications, special requirements, etc.

After understanding all project requirements, we will work on detailed proposal with prices, timeline included.

Once the quotations are approved, we will start with the sampling – our production team will make samples and monitor sampling process. The samples will be tested and adjusted until they satisfy your requirements.

After the samples are approved and the order is confirmed, we will work on the mass production with skillful workers & artisans. With our strict quality process, we ensure finished products are delivered on time and at highest quality.

After the mass production is finished, our Quality Control team will test each item we produce in terms of specification, functions, whether or not they resemble approved sample, and other criterias (upon your request). The delivery will be confirmed once we finish the testing and ensure that finished products can satisfy your highest requirements.